Frequently Asked Questions

About Balmoral Little Athletics

Balmoral Little Athletics is a member of Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ). Each season we have approximately 250+ children register at the club.

In Queensland little athletics is divided into 11 regions and there are 105 centres.

Balmoral is part of the South East Region, which includes nine other clubs. These clubs come together to compete at the regional carnivals, with the clubs from the other regions coming together for the statewide carnivals (winter, spring and summer) and championships (state relay, combined event and state championships). For more information, visit Little Athletics Queensland website.

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What ability level does my child need to join little athletics?

Children of all skill and ability levels are welcome at Balmoral. We offer plenty of encouragement to achieve their personal best! Our emphasis is on fun, fitness and friendships – and a ‘have a go’ attitude. We encourage children to discover new skills and learn to be their best while making friends and having fun.

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What are this season’s dates?

The 2022/23 season runs for 20 weeks (excluding school holidays) and begins on Tuesday 6 September for weekly training and Wednesday 7 September for weekly competition. The season runs until Wednesday 15 March 2023, with an end-of-season centre break-up presentation evening held in April, after the State Championships.

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What is the joining fee?
Fees for the coming season are published at the time of registration on the ‘Join Today’ section.

A discount is available for families who register two or more children.

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Under what age group do I register my child?

If you’re not sure in which age group you register your child, please check the official Little Athletics Queensland Registration Ages Table for the new/current season.

Please note, your child must participate in his/her appropriate age group as listed on the table regardless of their abilities or friendship groups.

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How do families get involved on Wednesday night competitions?

Unlike many other sports, we need your help to manage the athletes and run the track and field events on competition nights, each Wednesday.

It’s not difficult there is support – we just need many hands to ensure the evenings run smoothly and efficiently by helping the age groups get through all the programmed events as efficiently as possible.

This largely involves marshalling (each week a parent volunteers to be age marshal), measuring and recording the field events (long jump, high jump, shot put, discus, and javelin). A series of Parent Induction Sessions is provided to intro new families to little athletics (see FAQ below).

In addition, to help with the equipment set up so we start on time and run the BBQ each Wednesday, we prepare a roster and allocate an age group to help each week.

If you are available to help anytime, regardless of the allocated age group, you’d be most welcome any Wednesday.

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How do I learn what to do at Wednesday’s competition nights?

At the start of the season we run Parent Induction Sessions for new parents or any parent wanting a refresher on what to do on competition nights – which involves mostly measuring and recording the field events.

These sessions will run on the following Tuesday while athletes are training: 6 and 13 September and 4 and 11 October.

During these sessions we’ll take you through the ‘how to’ for athletics – e.g. how to measure and record long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and javelin.

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What happens at Tuesday’s training nights?

Free training by qualified coaches is available every Tuesday for Balmoral Athletes from 5.45pm to 7.00pm – except during school holidays.  There are three or four disciplines to choose from each week.

The weekly training schedule is posted on the BLAC Facebook page. It’s not compulsory to attend, but a great opportunity to learn/improve skills and technique.

If you come along, please sign-in your child/ren on the sheets provided.

Are you a coach? If you are a Level 1 or higher coach and would like to be involved in training please let us know. All of our coaches are paid.

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What happens at Wednesday’s competition nights?

Club competition is on every Wednesday from 5.30pm, except during school holidays.

As we ease into the new season, we’ll run three events for the first three weeks of competition. In the fourth week, this will expand to four events, with a fifth optional event added later in the season, i.e. middle distance and walking events. The weekly competition program will be published on the Balmoral Facebook page.

For Athletes: At the start of each comp, each age group will complete a warm-up session with the senior athletes. Afterwards, they’ll then move to their first allocated event.

For Parents: While the athletes warm up, our Centre Manager provides an update to parents.

To help each age group run smoothly through their events, parents are needed to:

  • Age Marshall: A parent/s to volunteer as Age Marshall to organise the kids for  each event. Age Marshalls wear a high-vis vest so athletes and parents can find their group.
  • Field Event Recorder: a parent to volunteer to record only the field events for their age group using a tablet, which is collected from and returned to the clubhouse.
  • Age Group Box: set-up for each age group in front of the clubhouse, each box  contains an age marshal vest and an age group folder with evening program, event information, an athlete list, etc. This box should be taken from event to event and also used to carry athletes’ drink bottles, jumpers, etc – and then returned to the clubhouse at the end of the evening.

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How do I find out my child’s results for the week?

Your athlete’s weekly results are loaded onto an online portal called Results HQ.

This is the same portal you used to create a family account and register your athlete. To access the portal simply sign-in with your email and the password you created.

Please allow a few days for all results to appear as sometimes there is a lag in uploading results information.

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What do the athletes wear?

For Tuesday’s training nights no uniform is required. Just wear comfortable active clothes and footwear.

For Wednesday’s competition nights:

  • If your child is trialing, no uniform is required. We recommend they wear comfortable active clothes and footwear. No times or distances/heights will be recorded for trialists. Recording starts once they have signed for the rest of the season and are issued with a registration number.
  • If your child is registered for the full season they are required to wear the centre uniform and appropriate footwear:
    • BLAC Club Polo
    • Plain navy shorts or bike pants with NO visible branding or embellishments.

At the sign-on session you will receive the ‘Coles’ badge, Age badge and competition number, these must be attached onto your child’s uniform for the start of the season.

For more information about uniform requirements and placement of patches, please visit here and see these pics.

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Does my child need special shoes?

For Wednesday’s competition nights it’s recommended athletes wear appropriate footwear, such as:

  • Runners, waffles, or
  • Spikes, which are only permitted for U11 ages and up. However, U11s and U12s cannot wear spikes for 800m or 1500m events.

Note: The only spikes permitted on the long jump track at Balmoral Little Athletics and the track at QSAC are the Christmas Tree and Pyramid shape (see image below). The following rules also apply:

  • Track spikes must not exceed 7mm
  • Field spikes must not exceed 9mm except for Javelin and high jump, which must not exceed 12mm.

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Is there a canteen?

Each Wednesday evening there’s a BBQ available for kids and parents – to refuel.

The menu generally includes: sausages, onions, burgers, zooper doopers, drinks and free bananas from Coles (major sponsor of Little Athletics Queensland).

Our BBQ is run by a BBQ Convener (parent volunteer) with help from the parents who are rostered each week according to age groups. This roster is provided at the start of the season.

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Who do I contact if I have questions or need help?

Each age group has a Committee member allocated to support your group and answer any questions.

However, if you have any questions at any time, please approach any volunteer Committee member – you’ll find us wearing BLAC blue polo tops. We’ll do our best to help you.

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Do athletes train or compete at Balmoral during school holidays?

No, there is no training or competitions at Balmoral during school holidays. However, there maybe carnivals or competitions happening, which are promoted on the LAQ website and /or via our Facebook page and listed under ‘Nominations’ in Results HQ.

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How are families informed of any news or any training or comp cancellations?

In addition to our website, BLAC has a Facebook page that posts regular updates about training and competition nights. To access the latest information quickly we recommend following our FB page.

Important information will also be emailed to you.

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What other competitions are available for my children?

Balmoral Little Athletics Centre is a member of the South East Region. Our region runs two major championships during the season:

  • Regional Relays on 13 November 2022
  • Regional Championships 4 – 5 February 2023

In addition, other centres (in or outside our region) also host carnivals. Little Athletics Queensland runs a number of carnivals as well as the State Relay Championships (Dec), Combined Event Championships (Feb/Mar) and State Championships (March).

We encourage all our athletes to participate in the carnivals and regional events – they’re great fun and offer great experience.

Advice about upcoming events, how to nominate and closing dates for nominations is promoted through our club (Facebook, email, Wed’s parent announcements).

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Keeping COVID safe

As COVID 19 continues to circulate, we remind families to please:

  • Stay home – if you or your athlete are unwell or have any COVID like symptoms.
  • Practice social/physical distancing and sanitise regularly
    Sanitiser will be available throughout the Centre and in each Age Group Box – to use to sanitise the field equipment before and after use.

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Have any further questions?

If you have any further questions or queries, please:

  • Email us at centremanager@gmail.com
  • Message us via Facebook
  • Or come and see us on the track, you’ll find us wearing the BLAC blue polo tops.

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